According to Fingrid’s HR vision, our corporate culture is open, collaborative, renewing and target-oriented. We are at the leading edge of change and we are prepared for the future with our world-class expertise. The members of our work community are customer-focused renewers, responsible result achievers, go-getting team players and international networkers. Our company has an excellent employer image, and the best experts in their field work for us. Work still needs to be done to advance our vision, but we are on the right track.

Open dialogue fosters trust

Openness has long been one of Fingrid’s basic values. Openness means dialogue and mutual sharing of information. Employees’ input has a visible role in personnel meetings, and their views are heard. The topics of employer/employee dialogue include remote work, corporate culture and working-hour practices, and we carry out an annual personnel survey to receive feedback for continuous improvement.

Corporate Spirit carried out Fingrid’s third PeoplePower personnel survey during the year. Compared to other expert organisations, our results were excellent. Fingrid scored the highest rating, AAA, which is achieved only by around six per cent of all surveyed organisations annually. The survey not only indicates employee satisfaction in a specific company, but also compares the results with those of peer companies.

The commitment index describes the starting points created by the employee’s work, immediate work community and perception of the whole organisation and its future outlook for personnel retention and commitment in the current labour market situation.

The leadership index describes the quality of leadership based on the employees’ feelings of being valued, trusted and treated fairly.

The performance index describes the conditions that the available information and tools, organisation of operations and day-to-day practices create for efficient operations.

The engagement index describes how positively and unfalteringly employees feel about their work, the organisation and the values it represents and on how prepared they are to go the extra mile to achieve the organisation’s goals where required.

The PeoplePower® index gives an overall picture of the organisation’s state and its capability to meet internal and external challenges.

The indices are calculated so that their minimum value would be 0 if all of the respondents were extremely critical, and the maximum value would be 100 if all of the respondents were extremely positive in answering all of the questions included in the index.

An additional aspect of openness is that all information in the company is internally openly available and that the personnel are authorised to communicate with one another. All employees are responsible for communication. Accordingly, the employees are expected to respond to matters related to their own work and to comment on them internally, and to contribute to the internal flow of information within the company.

Everyone at Fingrid should have good communication and interaction skills. A tailored training programme called Loikka (i.e. ‘Leap’) was started during 2018 to increase the understanding of expert staff concerning changes in Fingrid’s operating environment and stakeholders’ expectations, and to increase the capabilities to act as Fingrid’s ambassadors. The training was very successful and the positive feedback from the participants provides incentive to continue similar activities. Our experts felt that they had in particular learned about the importance of interaction and presence: how everyone can have an impact and create progress by communicating understandably and taking other people into consideration.

Joint progress

Caring and well-being are the goals of our HR policy. In practice, caring means solutions to support the individual, such as flexible working hour arrangements, support for recreational activities and overall well-being. In accordance with Fingrid’s HR policy, employees are treated with respect and fairness, based on the company’s values and in compliance with the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination. Equal opportunity and non-discrimination are part of the corporate culture. Alongside responsibility, openness and efficiency, impartiality is one of Fingrid’s values.

We value the possibility to gather all our employees in one place every year. Three personnel days were organised during the year, the main aim of which is to initiate shared discussion and awareness of current affairs relating to the company's operations.  Apart from business talk, it is also important to boost team spirit and have a bit of fun. We cherish our connections with former colleagues and retired employees on Fingrid’s Alumni Day.

An overall aim of Fingrid’s management system and facilities is to foster co-operation and community spirit – a culture of caring for one another. Our slogan, ‘Fingrid delivers’, has multiple meanings, but above all, it refers to caring about people. We aim to secure the overall well-being of our personnel by offering meaningful work, by nurturing a good workplace atmosphere and through exemplary leadership. We offer flexible job solutions and promote possibilities for enriching recreation.

Fingrid’s employees have access to a wide range of comprehensive occupational healthcare and well-being services that aim to support their work capacity and well-being, regardless of the location. Our goal-oriented well-being activities bring results, and our people understand the value of self-care. The number of absences due to illness has been remarkably low for many years now, and the high age of retirement and the lowest possible disability pension contribution category bear further testimony to the well-being of our employees. As in previous years, the number of occupational accidents at Fingrid remained low. A total of 6 (6) accidents took place, one of which led to a short absence from work. Absences due to accidents or illnesses accounted for 1 (1) per cent of working time during the year.

Renewal and innovation

As technology and the entire operational environment evolves, working life changes continuously. Jobs are being replaced by robotics, but at the same time, new professions and tasks are emerging and competence requirements are changing. Social and interaction skills, as well as the capacity for renewal and critical thinking, will be increasingly highlighted in future. Independent decision-making by experts, and responsibility for work efficiency and personal development will increase.

Fingrid responds to changes by offering its employees opportunities to develop and grow their competence. The approach of securing expertise as a strategic choice improves the quality of personnel planning and helps the company to better prepare for future needs. Fingrid takes a broad view of learning and development: we offer opportunities precisely for on-the-job learning with the help of demanding tasks, diverse projects and job rotation.

We invest more than a million euros annually to develop both the work community and each employee’s personal development. In addition to common training provided by the company, personnel can take initiative by proposing specific training to boost their know-how. The topics covered in company-level training events during the year include language instruction, presentation and communication coaching, customer service coaching as well as training support to units and teams amid various changes and in developing their operations. In 2018, each Fingrid employee received an average of 5 (4) days of training.

Fingrid’s innovation activities aim to improve the company’s ability to respond to changes in the operating environment. Continuous brainstorming, constructive criticism of existing operations, and development through trial and error are some of the innovation activities aimed at improving the productivity and quality of the operations. More radical innovations have been sought in co-operation with start-ups, research institutions and other top experts. An example of this is the Radicamp project, which started already in 2017. The project involves five workshops where new innovations for creating a more modern power system monitoring room were sought after in co-operation with stakeholders. The aim is to achieve real-time status of the power system and to better communicate this situational awareness to stakeholders. Another example of using external resources for innovation are the open innovation competitions organised to develop the maintenance management of substation equipment. The competitions have resulted in activities to develop new solutions with the four most successful companies.

Target-oriented CEO of one’s own work

In addition to securing expertise, we focus on the ability of the employees to lead themselves. We speak about being one’s own CEO. In practice, this means that each employee is independently in charge of his or her own tasks and areas of responsibility. In order for every employee to be the CEO of his or her own work, the management approach throughout the company must focus on coaching and engaging people. This is promoted particularly in supervisor trainings, but also through our communications to the entire personnel. Continuous interaction between an employee and the supervisor is something that Fingrid especially values. The dialogue is ongoing daily, and formal performance reviews are held twice a year. The performance reviews include a discussion on personal goals and results as well as an individual long-term and short-term development plan. Performance reviews apply to all permanent employees.

In leadership, we primarily monitor work results rather than working hours. We are strongly in favour of flexible working arrangements and we further increased flexibility based on employee feedback in 2018. All of this requires solid trust.

Fingrid’s personnel increased, as in several previous years, due to the company’s new responsibilities and growth in the volume of the operations. New professionals were hired both in grid operation business processes and in IT tasks. At the end of the year, Fingrid Oyj employed 365 industry experts and Datahub Oy employed 15.

In a bid to find new talent, we are making long-term efforts to develop our employer image. Our activities during the year included several recruitment fairs and student events, produced videos to present our professions and clarified our employer branding communications.

Young students are an important target group for us, which is why we offer a relatively high number of summer jobs and trainee opportunities across Finland, considering our size – in 2018 to around 40 young people. For a few years now, we have actively participated in, for instance, the Responsible Summer Job campaign to give a good example of a responsible employer for young people.

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