Other notes

Emission rights

Fingrid’s reserve power plants are subject to an environmental permit and covered by the EU’s emissions trading scheme. Fingrid has not been granted free-of-charge emission rights for the emissions trade period 2013–2020. Emission rights purchased in 2018 amounted to 10,000 units (tCO2). Emissions trading had minor financial significance for Fingrid. CO2 emissions included in emissions trading totalled 8,506 tonnes in 2018 (5,817).

 Accounting principles

Emission rights

Emission rights acquired free of charge are recognised in intangible assets at their nominal value, and purchased emission rights at their acquisition cost. A liability is recognised for emission rights to be returned. If the Group has sufficient emission rights to cover the return obligations, the liability is recognised at the carrying amount corresponding to the emission rights in question. If there are not sufficient emission rights to cover the return obligations, the liability is recognised at the market value of the emission rights in question. No depreciation is recognised on emission rights. They are derecognised in the balance sheet at the time of transfer when the actual emissions have been ascertained. The expense resulting from the liability is recognised in the income statement under the expense item ‘Materials and services’. Capital gains from emissions rights are recognised under other operating income.

25. PROVISIONS, € 1,000 2018 2017
Provisions for creosote-impregnated towers 1 Jan 1,474 1,481
Provisions used -50 -7
Provisions 31 Dec 1,424 1,474

 Accounting principles


A provision is recorded when the Group has a legal or factual obligation based on an earlier event and it is likely that fulfilling the obligation will require a payment, and the amount of the obligation can be estimated reliably.

The provisions are valued at the present value of the costs required to cover the obligation. The discounting factor used in calculating the present value is chosen so that it reflects the market view of the time value of money at the assessment date and the risks pertaining to the obligation.

Pledge covering customs credit account 200 200
Pledge covering excise duty 280  280
  480 480
Other financial commitments    
Rent security deposit, guarantee 38 38
Credit facility commitment fee and commitment fee:    
Commitment fee for the next year 345 400
Commitment fee for subsequent years 862 1,154
  1,245 1,592
Unrecognised investment commitments 103,946 93,991
The investment commitments consist of agreements signed by the company to carry out grid construction projects.
Payment obligations from right-of-use agreements for reserve power plants:    
In one year 8,663 10,769
In more than one year and less than five years 34,064 34,124
In more than five years 19,610 27,888
Total 62,337 72,780

Under its system responsibility, Fingrid is also obligated to maintain a rapid response disturbance reserve to prepare for disruptions to the power system. In order to ensure the availability of this disturbance reserve, Fingrid has, in addition to its reserve power plant capacity, acquired power plant capacity suited to this purpose by long-term Right-of-use agreements.


An accident took place on a work site in Laukaa, Finland, on 25 August 2017, where an employee of Revilla y Garcia S.L. died after having fallen from a power line tower. A civil court case has been raised in Spain for damages against Fingrid (the client linked with the accident), the main contractor, Technolines S.R.L. filial i Finland, and its sub-contractor, Revilla y Garcia S.L. Fingrid does not believe the claim against it is likely to succeed and, in Fingrid’s view, the legal proceedings or their outcome are not likely to have a substantial impact on the company’s earnings or financial position.


The Group management is not aware of such significant events after the closing date that would affect the financial statements.


Fingrid Oyj is a Finnish public limited liability company incorporated under the Finnish Companies Act. Fingrid’s consolidated financial statements have been drawn up in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as adopted by the EU. Fingrid’s registered office is in Helsinki at the address P.O. Box 530 (Läkkisepäntie 21, 00620, Helsinki), 00101 Helsinki.

A copy of the consolidated financial statements is available on the website fingrid.fi or at Fingrid Oyj's head office.

The amounts in the financial statements are expressed in thousands of euros and are based on the original acquisition costs, unless otherwise stated in the accounting principles or notes.

Fingrid Oyj’s Board of Directors has accepted the publication of these financial statements in its meeting on 26 February 2019. In accordance with the Finnish Companies Act, the shareholders have the opportunity to adopt or reject the financial statements in the shareholders’ meeting held after their publication. The shareholders’ meeting can also amend the financial statements.