Personnel and remuneration systems

Fingrid Oyj employed 380 (355) persons, including temporary employees, at the end of the year. The number of permanent personnel was 327 (308).

At the end of the year, 23 (24) per cent of the personnel were women and 77 (76) per cent were men. The average age of the personnel was 44 (44).

During 2018, the personnel received a total of 14,979 (11,408) hours of training, with an average of  39 (32)  hours per person. Employee absences due to illness accounted for 1 (1) per cent of the total working hours. In addition to a compensation system that is based on the requirements of each position, Fingrid applies incentive bonus schemes. 

Caring and well-being are the cornerstones of Fingrid’s HR policy. In practice, caring means solutions supporting the individual, such as flexible working hour arrangements, support for recreational activities and overall well-being. In accordance with Fingrid’s personnel policy, employees are treated with respect and fairness, based on the company’s values and in compliance with the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination. Equal opportunity and non-discrimination are part of the corporate culture. 

Alongside responsibility, openness and efficiency, impartiality is one of Fingrid’s values. Fingrid invests more than a million euros annually to boost both team spirit and the personal development of each employee. In addition to common training provided by the company, personnel can participate in specific training to complement their working skills. The topics covered in company-level training events during the year include language instruction, presentation and communication coaching, customer service coaching as well as training support to units and teams amid various changes and in developing their operations. 

A tailored training programme called Loikka (i.e. ‘Leap’) was started during 2018 to increase the understanding of expert staff concerning changes in Fingrid’s operating environment and stakeholders’ expectations, and to increase employees’ communication skills. 

Fingrid’s innovation activities aim to improve the company’s ability to respond to changes in the operating environment. Continuous brainstorming, constructive criticism of existing operations, and development through trial and error are some of the innovation activities aimed at improving the productivity and quality of the operations. Innovations are sought in co-operation with start-ups and research institutions. One example of this is the RadiCamp project aimed at finding new innovations to revamp power system control rooms. Another highlight is the open innovation competitions to develop the maintenance management of substation equipment. 

Corporate Spirit carried out a PeoplePower personnel survey at Fingrid for the third time now. Compared to other expert organisations, the survey results were excellent. Fingrid scored the highest rating, AAA, which is achieved only by around six per cent of all surveyed organisations annually.